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Grace C.


Grace C. is the founder and editor-in-chief of Radiate Literary. She’s a senior in high school with a passion for helping other young writers make their words matter. She enjoys writing, reading, and lifting weights. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding Radiate Literary Journal she’s always happy to hear from you at biobee04@gmail.com.

Pen W.

Poetry Editor

Storytelling was born in Pen’s blood. Even before she could talk, she would act out conversations between characters with her hands. She was the child who saw fairies in the forest and dragons in the clouds. When she was eight, she wrote her first chapter book and made it a series by the time she was nine. Since then, she has written several other stories, including teen literature and short stories. She’s also tried her hand at poetry and song writing, though they are not her strengths. Her favored genres are fantasy and historical fiction. However, she reads a vast majority of other styles, including romance and mystery. She is currently a third-year college student studying for a degree in psychology.

Sam S.

General Editor

Sam is a rising senior in high school and loves anything STEM. If he can’t be found doing school or working, he’s probably hammering away on the piano keyboard, running long distances, or lifting weights with his family. While he doesn’t write as a hobby, he will read anything from Curious George to Crime and Punishment, Hemingway to Homer.  Ever since taking a composition class and reading/critiquing work with classmates, he’s come to enjoy reading his peers’ words and commenting on them.  He’s experienced the pleasure of receiving helpful commentary on his work, and he would like to share that with other writers. Every writer, however young, has something unique to say to us, and it is Sam’s goal at Radiate Literary to help give each rising author a voice to share their own contributions to humanity.

Jorja A.

Fiction Editor

Jorja A. is a junior in high school. She reads and writes in a broad range of genres, from fantasy to contemporary, science fiction to spies and heists. She blogs at Tales of the Lonely Sun. You can contact her at j.radiate.editor@gmail.com.


Design Consultant

Art, words, and God have all been part of Skipper’s life since she was young. As a child, she was the girl who seemed to always be in her own world. Now she makes her own worlds through her art and stories. Skipper has also dabbled in poetry here and there for awhile, and writes stories during her spare time. She hopes and prays that God will use her art and what she writes to bless others and point them to Him. You can read more of what she’s written and see more of her artwork on her blog, Skipper Spirit Passion.

Angelina C.

Staff Reader

Angelina C. is a junior high student who enjoys reading, knitting, violin, and playing with her cats. She likes to be entertained by any story she reads, so her editing is great for helping young writers make their stories exciting and adventurous. Angelina is a good match for any writer who wants to learn how to write an engaging story.

Mehak A.

Nonfiction Editor

Mehak hails from India. She is a young writer passionate to pen down the world that she senses through her lenses. By becoming part of Radiate Literary, she is looking forward to interacting with intellectuals globally and enhancing her knowledge and skills. She is interested in editing poetry, essays, and nonfiction.

Katelyn B.

General Editor

Katelyn is excited to be a freshman in high school this coming year. Science fiction, poetry, and history are some of her favorite things to read. She’s been reading since she was four, and enjoys it immensely. She also likes to write, especially poetry. She doesn’t have much experience coming from an editorial perspective, but she’s looking forward to growing in that area.  Some of her other hobbies are biking, bullet journaling, gardening, shopping, baking, hand-lettering, photography, and braiding hair.

Lilian S.

General Editor

Lilian S. has been a hardcore bookworm since the tender age of 7 and a book reviewer for several professional review sites for a couple of years. She is currently a junior in high school and in her spare time enjoys video editing, graphic designing, and interacting with other Christ-minded readers. Christian dystopian and fantasy are two of her favorite genres. She occasionally enjoys science and historical fiction and likes a good suspense novel as well. Lilian is also an athlete, blogger at Green Tea With Books and Girls Living For God’s Glory, and founder of indie review site Stellae Books.

Merie S.

General Editor

Merie S. has been penning stories since she first started reading them. Now a sophomore in high school, she enjoys a variety of genres. She’s also a fan of fairytales, art, and world cultures. She blogs at Imperial Scribis.

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