Not The Girl That You See- Diya Kapri

Today we’re featuring the poem “Not The Girl That You See” by Diya Kapri. This piece brings up the common misconception that the face the world sees is the person that you are. Enjoy!

She isn’t the girl I used to know.

The girl you see smiles all the time,
Hiding her feelings behind a wall;
The pain which nobody knows about.

You don’t understand her
Even if you try, You wouldn’t be able to
She’s hidden from everyone’s eyes.

The girl you see isn’t the one she used to be
What is in front of you is just an image
An opaque wall behind which she stands
And this wall is strong and unbreakable

Once someone tried to break the wall,
But broke her instead.
Now, only her image remains.

She isn’t the girl you see every day,
She’s lost in a world of her own

To you, it’s so unknown.

About the Author

Diya is a college student who loves traveling and her dream is to travel and see the whole world. She loves reading stories and novels or anything interesting that catches her eye. She says she is a 4 year old stuck inside the body of an eighteen year old girl and ice cream and teddy bears are what make her happy. What she really likes is when people accept her the way she is.

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