What is A Pet? – Angel C.

A pet is an animal

That you can hug,

Love and adore,

Even a bug!

Some are too big,

To snuggle and hold,

Others, like pigs,

Will sometimes be sold.  

Cats are the best,

To sleep with and cuddle,

Cats like to rest,

And then they will snuggle!  

Beware! Because under those paws,

Are hidden sharp claws!

Those cute little kittens,

Who’d think to guess?  

There are some pets

That don’t like to snuggle,

A snake and goose,

A snail and moose.  

These aren’t the only things

Pets are good for;

Riding and romping and,

Playing and more.  

Whether your pet is a

Cat or a mouse,

Bird in its house,

Everyone needs a pet.

About the Author

A Siamese cat named Mellie

Angel C. enjoys playing violin, crocheting stuffed animals, and reading.  She wants to be a vet when she grows up.  This is one of her first poems, but she is excited to learn more about how to write a great poem. Her cat, Mellie, inspired this piece. Mellie is a Siamese cat, who was born blind. She loves crackly things like tissue paper and cardboard bags, and also loves classical music.

Published by Jorja Ayres

Jorja Ayres (pronounced Georgia Airs) is a 15 year old Christian writer, reader, and fangirl. Her hope is to help the readers of Tales of the Lonely Sun navigate around some of the beginner mistakes that she has made, as well as share some writing hacks that made things simpler for her. Her dream is to one day be able to give her readers the same feelings that she has experienced when reading some of her favorite books, as well as share positive themes that shine bright in this dark world.

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