5 Reasons to Submit Your Work

It forces you to realize that your work is worth sharing.

The number one thing we hear from student writers is that they don’t have anything that is ready to publish yet. We get that! Sometimes you need more time to polish your work and prepare yourself to share it with the world.

However, sharing your raw and original work can be an incredibly powerful way to remind yourself why you write. Maybe it’s a way to process the world around you. Maybe it’s to encourage others. Maybe it’s a creative outlet for your wild imagination.

No matter why you write, sharing your work can help you grow so much as a writer. You’ll learn that other writers really do want to encourage you and connect with you. Getting published at Radiate Literary Journal forces you to realize that your work is important, and it’s worth it to work and become better at your craft.

You’ll find out who your audience is.

Every writer should know who they are writing for and who is connecting with their piece. Radiate Literary is a good place to see who is really enjoying your piece and connecting with you through it.

You’ll gain valuable experience getting published and working with editors.

Radiate Literary is a supportive place for student writers to get published. Our editors really want to help you grow as a writer and become better at what you do. That means Radiate Literary Journal is the perfect place to learn how to work with editors and apply constructive feedback to your work.

No matter where you go next, working with editors is a valuable skill to practice. Radiate Literary Journal provides valuable experience getting your work out there and working with others to make it as amazing as it can be.

It’s an opportunity to share your work with a community of writers who are eager to read it.

Those who read and edit Radiate Literary Journal really do want to read your work. Reading someone’s writing is like a peek into another life. It’s a way to share your perspective with a group of people. That can be frightening. It helps to know that the Radiate Literary community is excited to see what you have to say.

You can build enthusiasm among other writers.

When you submit your work to Radiate Literary Journal, you’re not just doing something that will help you grow as a writer. You are encouraging other writers by giving them a chance to see your work.

As a student writer, it’s important to be able to connect with other student writers and give them the opportunity to see how another person writers.

When I really connect with another writer’s work, it inspires me to learn from what they do and apply some new techniques to my own writing. Everyone hear at Radiate will learn something from what you submit.

Submitting your work to Radiate Literary Journal isn’t just an opportunity for you. It’s a chance to build enthusiasm among other young writers and inspire them with your piece.

So what are you waiting for? Submit your work today. We can’t wait to read what you have to say.

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