Radiate Literary Journal

A new type of journal for students and by students.

Led by Students

Radiate Literary Journal is run by qualified volunteer student editors and submission readers. These students are committed to helping other young writers grow by sharing their skills and knowledge.

Peer Feedback

As a volunteer organization, we don’t pay for submissions, but provide personalized feedback from an editor whether the piece is accepted or not.

Discovering Potential

We want to help student writers become great at their craft. Instead of rejecting pieces that could be great, our editors work with writers to help them reach their full potential.

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Recent submissions curated by our student editors.


We provide feedback on each submission so writers can learn from their peer editors.

Our goal is to let young writers share what they are learning with each other and feature unique submissions.


If I waited for perfection I would never write a word.

-Margaret Atwood

Helping young writers reach their potential by sharing their work.


We want to connect student writers. Young writers are the future of literature. Radiate wants to be a thriving community of young writers sharpening each other’s skills.


If you’re a young writer, Radiate Literary is for you. We are targeted toward student writers ages 13-22 years but consider submissions from young writers of any age.

Submit Your Work

We accept submissions of poetry, prose, essays, novel excerpts, and nonfiction up to 10,000 words. Submit your work today and you’ll be matched with a Radiate editor for personalized feedback on your piece. Whether or not your work is featured in the next issue, you will receive feedback and the chance to connect with a growing community of student writers.

Join Us

If you can bring something to the table as a Radiate editor, content manager, or part of our promotional team, fill out an application.

  • Editors provide feedback on each submission, work with writers on polishing accepted pieces, and prepare each issue of Radiate Literary Journal
  • Content managers share tips on writing and make sure each piece is publication-ready
  • Our promotional team makes sure writers can find us by lining up guest posts or interviews, creating writing-oriented content, and managing social media accounts

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If you’re a student 13-22, submit poetry, prose, essays, or art today.


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